House of Bluecherry x Sandra Lambeck

Sandra Lambeck becomes a Bluecherry Babe
Hey babes! Guess who entered the House of Bluecherry. You guessed it,
Germany’s most trending and influential babe, Sandra Lambeck!

Grab your cup of tea, sit on your throne, and let me tell you all about how Sandra
Lambeck became a Bluecherry babe! So, firstly babes, you know that here at the House of Bluecherry we are always keeping you updated with the latest hairstyles, hair topics, and trendy babes. So, when Sandra agreed to sit down with us for an interview, we couldn’t wait to share the news with you.

When Sandra first sat down with us, she explained why she decided to become a
Bluecherry babe. She is a German black influencer, and it’s only right that black
influencers support other black-owned businesses. She even said that she would travel back and forth from Germany to London to get her hair, but now she knows that there is a black-owned hair brand, The House of Bluecherry, in Germany that provides what she desires.
Sandra is an ideal Bluecherry babe! She supports black-owned businesses and she supports women’s views on hair. She believes that hair should not make women feel empowered, but with or without hair women should feel beautiful. This is a great message that we want all of our Bluecherry babes to understand.

Did you know that Sandra started wearing wigs five years ago? Yes, babe, in the past she preferred hair extensions and she was not interested in wigs. This is why we provide a variety of hair types for our Bluecherry babes. Sandra also spoke about some of the challenges that other hair vending companies face when they do not know about all of the factors that come with providing quality hair to customers.
She is rooting for the success of The House of Bluecherry because we are the only black-owned hair vendor in Germany that provides quality hair. When we ask Sandra why she loves wearing wigs she said because she feels different from every wig she wears. “I can be whomever I want to be when I wear different wigs.” -Sandra said.

Yass babes, we want you to be whoever you dream to be when you wear our wigs.

We had so much fun chatting with Sandra, and she shared a special message to give to all of our Bluecherry babes: “Be ambitious, and do your thing!”