KOSTKAMM Haarpflegebürste, oval, 7reihig

KOSTKAMM Haarpflegebürste, oval, 7reihig

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Diese Haarpflegebürste ist aus gewachstem Birnbaumholz gefertigt und mit hochwertigen harten Wildschweinborsten, 100% aus dem Erstschnitt, bestückt. 

Durch die geschwungene, der Kopfhaut angepasste Form ist sie hervorragend für Haarpflegebehandlungen geeignet. So lässt sich der Druck beim Bürsten gleichmäßig auf die Kopfhaut verteilen.

Geeignet für glattes oder gewelltes, langes Haar

langlebiges, nachhaltiges Naturprodukt

Hair care brush, oval, hard stiff black bristle

This hair care brush is crafted from waxed pear  wood, completed with 100% first cut board  bristles. Due to the gently curved shape, which is modelled on the form of the head, the brushe is perfectly suited for special care of the hair. When brushing, their particular shape distributes the pressure evenly on the scalp.

Perfect for straight or wavy, long hair

Hair care brush, oval, hard stiff black bristle, 7rows
durable sustainable natural product

1.Wigs shipped in 48 hours. And the wig in the honey fake scalp will take 7 more days than
in mocha and cappuccino since it's more complicated to process, hope to get your understanding.

2.Want to switch up your look but don't want to go too long or too short? Our Issa wig is surprisingly
low-maintenance and the perfect length.

3.In addition to the silk straight look with the side and middle part, our stylists recently designed Style 3. Style 3 adds a textured look with beachy curls - perfect for a night out!

4.The ISSA black bob wig is known for being the most natural-looking and has very little upkeep. This bob wig made with real human hair reaches your shoulders and can be worn in a half ponytail ,if you’d like. You can also easily create a silky straight look by yourself with a straightener. You’ll
love it for its versatility!

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